A good De-Greaser is  fundamental to a routine maintenance function like cleaning, a slow working De-Greaser can add costly time, our De-Greaser is  concentrated and delivers very effective cleaning either by hand or by  pressure washing saving time and money by doing what it is supposed to do but without destroying what you are cleaning.

de greaser pressure washing De Greaser

De-Greaser Pressure Washing

de greaser concentrate De Greaser


De-Greaser / Boat Wash Concentrate
Top Quality concentrated multi-purpose cleaning and degreasing agent for hand washing and pressure washing. Developed in Scandinavia to meet the most rigorous of environmental challenges, designed to reduce the need for mechanical agitation, it is able to rapidly lift dirt, grime and oil from all surfaces.

It offers complete safety to the environment and persons handling it, being non-toxic, non-caustic, free from solvents and completely biodegradable. De-Greaser splits after cleaning releasing the oil phase for reclamation if required.

•For use on all majority of coating materials, lacquered or painted surfaces, light materials, plastics and textiles

•The removal of oil, sludge, carbon deposits, greases, general dirt and grime

• Cleaner for Engine Room, decks, toilets, bulkheads and galley – it will remove fish oil residues after fishing

•Cleaner for soiled materials, such as covers, mats, rugs, overalls, sails and canvas

•Cleaner for hulls, painted surfaces and glass fibre boats.

To Use:

De-Greaser Hand Washing: Use at a dilution of between 50:1 and 100:1 depending on the severity of the job

De-Greaser Pressure Washing: Very suitable for pressure washing at
around 200:1, available in 25 litres if required •IMO
approved and certified. (International Maritime Organisation)

De-Greaser is one of many cleaning solutions that we have in stock now.