Fuel Algae

Fuel Algae and Corrosion Protection

Fuel Algae

Fuel made from Algae is one of the most cutting edge fuels today but Algae growing in your fuel tank and other microorganisms is not good for the engine and can lead to reliability and the safety of a ships crew being compromised.

Fuel Algae can be treated and prevented using Aquabac 80 is a low toxicity biocide developed for use primarily in fuel storage systems and fuel tank.

How does it prevent Fuel Algae?

Aquabac 80 contains a combination of different activity broad-spectrum biocides. These have an immediate effect on both bacteria and fungi.

Aquabac 80 is effective on Fuel Algae in water, oil and at the interface between oil and water. The microorganisms including sulphate-reducing bacteria are killed by exposure to the biocide and MBC 80 can be used as a preventative measure or to give a quick curative kill. It also contains good anti-corrosive properties.

Results of use on Fuel Algae / Corrosion

Aquabac 80 prevents the corrosion and blockages caused by Fuel Algae causing high levels of microorganisms in fuel, water or lube oils.

Aquabac 80 is biodegradable at environmental dilutions and no cases of bacteria immunity have been reported.

One day Fuel made Algae maybe the main fuel we use but for now we must protect ourselves from its -
harmful effects on Marine Engine’s.

fuel algae Fuel Algae

Fuel Algae

Dosing Instructions to Remove Fuel Algae

Aquabac 80

Diesel fuels/heating oils 0.05 – 0.20 l/1000 l diesel/heating oil continuously (50 – 200 p.p.m) (prophylactic treatment)

Diesel fuels/heating oils 0.20 – 0.50 l/1000 l diesel/heating oil (200 – 500 p.p.m) (decontamination of contaminated diesel fuel/heating oil)

Diesel fuels/heating oils 0.5 – 1.0 l/1000 l diesel/heating oil

(500 – 1000 p.p.m) (shock dosing)


A very strong broad-spectrum biocide (Fuel Algae Protector) for fuel, water or lube oil microbiological contamination.

Please request dosing instructions for other applications other than Fuel Algae.