Marine Supplies and Equipment London

Marine Supplies | Equipment London

Latitude: 51º 30′N
Longitude: 00º 07′W
Country: UK – England

Ownership: UK Port of London Authority
Type: Trust
Usage: Leisure, Commercial
Contact name: Mr Geoff Adam, Head of Port Promotion
Address: Bakers’ Hall, 7 Harp Lane, London, EC3R 6LB, UK

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Our supplies can be ordered and delivered to the dock, our vast range of Ship Sanitation testing equipment and prevention cleaners are the best in the world, using cutting edge technology to control Norovirus in a way that can not be matched by any other product in the world, and by using MarinoX™, Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Sporicidal & Viruidal can all be controlled.

Other Marine Supplies and Equipment London delivered to docks, include:

Engine Water and Evaporator Treatments
Marine Cleaning and Maintenance
IMO Approved Tank Cleaning Chemicals
Test Kits, Metering Systems and MBC

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marine supplies london Marine Supplies and Equipment London

Marine Supplies and Equipment London