TC2 Buffer Clean

TC2 Buffer Clean

A gentle cleaner for removing traces of lead and iron stains from zinc silicate coated tank surfaces.

Usage Instructions

Cleaning agent for zinc-silicate coated tank surfaces

1. Suitable for the removal of traces of lead and iron stains from zinc silicate coated tank surfaces after transport of leaded gasoline.
2. Suitable for the removal of traces of chloride and sulphide.
3. Safe buffered pH of 5.5 for application on zinc-silicate coated tank surfaces.
4. Gives a good cleaning result with a reduced cleaning time.

The ordinary cleaning method with a synthetic soap takes a lot of time and is insufficient.
A mild complexing acid solution in combination with synthetic soap gives a much better cleaning result.
Aquamarine Buffer Clean is used as a final cleaning procedure when leaded gasoline must be removed or when the tank has to be completely chloride or sulphide free, e.g. for shipping pure chemicals.

Directions of use
After the normal cleaning depending on the nature of the last cargo and subsequent rinsing with water, the cleaning with Aquamarine Buffer Clean can start. Never dilute with river or seawater. Fill a tank for 1/100 part with water and add 5% Aquamarine Buffer Clean at maximum. The solution is heated by means of heating coils in the tanks. The tanks are washed with a loading pump, after which the used solution is recycled to the mixing tank. Usually, one solution is used to wash 2 – 3 tanks.
Aquamarine Buffer Clean is circulated with a limited contact time of 30 – 45 minutes before rinsing at a temperature not to exceed 45°C. Of essential importance for passing the chloride test is a final rinse with chloride free, if possible hot, water.
If necessary, repeat this cleaning procedure.

Product Ref. TC02