Annex V

Tank Cleaning, please enquire for testing and for raw/base tank cleaning materials (latest Jan 2013 IMO regs info here)

Marpol MEPC 63 V Amendment

MEPC 63/23/Add.1, Annex 24, Resolution MEPC.219(63), Adopted 2.3. 2012
In “2012 GUIDELINES FOR THE IMPLEMEMTATION OF MARPOL ANNEX V” under chapter Garbage Management, P.4, with reference to the following statements:
1.7.4. While cleaning agents and additives contained in hold washwater, and deck and external surface washwater are considered “operational wastes” and thus “garbage” under Annex V, these cleaning agents and additives may be discharged into the sea so long as they are not harmful to the marine environment.
1.7.5 A cleaning agent or additive is considered not harmful to the marine environment if it:
1. Is not a “harmful substance” in accordance with the criteria in MARPOL
Annex III: and
2. Does not contain any components which are known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (CMR).
1.7.6 The ship’s record should contain evidence provided by the producer of the cleaning agent or additive that the product meets the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment . To provide an assurance of compliance, a dated and signed statement to this effect from the product supplier would be adequate for the purposes of a ships record. This might form part of a Safety Data Sheet or be a stand-alone document but this should be left to the discretion of the producer concerned.
With reference to the above IMO Guidelines, Aquamarine Chemicals, Division of Bayer-Wood Technologies Ltd, have made the following statement:

We, Aquamarine Chemicals, division of Bayer-Wood Technologies Ltd, hereby declares that the below listed Aquamarine Chemicals cleaning agents manufactured by us meet the criteria for not being harmful to the marine environment as described under Item 1.7.5.
We will emphasise that this statement is not valid for chemicals put on the market with identical or similar product names manufactured by others. The name of Aquamarine Chemicals Ltd, must be mentioned on the product label and in the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Aquamarine Cleaning Agents:
Rust Remover
ACC Plus
Sediment Remover
Oil Spill Dispersant Concentrate
OSD Ready to use
HD Cement Descaler
Aquamarine Multi Surface Cleaner
Natural Zest
H.D. Foodsafe Foam Cleaner
Descaling Liquid
Descaling Powder