IMO Approved Tank Cleaning Chemicals

IMO Approved Tank Cleaning Chemicals MARPOL MEPC 63 Annex V

IMONew regulations for cargo hold – deck/external surface cleaners.

The latest regulations Ref: MARPOL MEPC 63 are for the control of  cleaning agents used for cleaning of cargo hold/decks and external surfaces.
Particularly in the process of  cargo hold  cleaning  such as typically,  petcoke, cement, coal and iron, as well as other bulk cargo.

IMO has previously approved chemicals/cleaners for tank cleaning and most of them can be used for cargo hold / deck cleaning.

Many Aquamarine products are IMO approved.  In the Aquamarine Declaration you will find an indicative list of these products as well as the guidelines of the rules involved. MARPOL 63/23/Add.1 Annex. 24 / MEPC 219 (63) March 1, 2012.

Shipping companies today are requesting a declaration from their suppliers, regarding the conformance of their products within above rules. Please request your IMO Declaration from Aquamarine.

As long as you have the Aquamarine  MSDS and literature  & declaration you are then compliant.

IMOlogo2 Please ask also about our Tank Deodorisers – different types dependent on the cargo

See our IMO approved products listed here in the index on the right or please enquire for a specific cargo stating the port and date required pleas contact Aquamarine

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