Cruise Ship Norovirus|Cruise Norovirus

Cruise Ship Norovirus|Cruise Norovirus|Merchant ships & Noro virus and gastric virus

Norovirus, often known as ‘Cruise Norovirus’ is one of the most common causes of upset stomachs that Ships (often Cruise ships)  have to deal with, Cruise Ship Norovirus strikes not only in food areas but anywhere on the Ship that has been touched by someone carrying or suffering from Cruise Ship Norovirus.  The nature of the Cruise Ships timescales specifically, carrying passengers often for weeks creates the perfect environment for Cruise Ship Norovirus if there is not a good hygiene system or good Cruise Ship Housekeeping in place or not adhered too !

Aqua Marine Chemicals offers a solution to Cruise Ship Norovirus through our Shipsan Hygiene Programme  our special Shipsan Disinfectant (BSEN 1276 & BSEN 13697)  is fast and totally safe for any environment on a Merchant or Cruise vessel, it provides a  solution that can be depended on, and giving peace of mind knowing that nothing better can be used for prevention or get rid of Cruise Ship o Merchant ship Norovirus and as part of cruise ship housekeeping is essential.

The products carry no COSHH implications.

Norovirus can affect offshore vessels and installations and any sea-going merchant ship.  Good housekeeping can be vital.

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